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Independent Streams (Week of December 4)

Abbey Frazier — December 08, 2017


Why Campaign Finance Issues Don't Play In Michigan (Or Elsewhere)

Chris Kozler — December 07, 2017

Republican legislators in September successfully passed a bill regarding campaign finance and Super PACs' ability to raise and spend unlimited funds to indirectly support candidates running for state positions. Governor Rick Snyder signed...

In Other Words (Week of November 27)

Abbey Frazier — December 01, 2017

On the Left

State of the State Podcast Badge

IPPSR's State of the State Podcast: Preemption Laws and Legacy Costs

State of the State is IPPSR's policy-based podcast. Recorded regularly and available here, on IPPSR's SoundCloud channel and through the MSUToday podcast, Spartan Podcast, and on over-the-air radio and internet broadcasters from East Lansing to the world.

Robert Swanson addresses attendees about Michigan's efforts to curb vaccination rates.

Michigan's Delicate Path Toward Improving Immunization Rates

Simon Schuster — November 28, 2017

Robert Swanson addresses attendees about Michigan's efforts to curb vaccination waivers.Michigan has seen a decline in the number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their...

Independent Streams (Week of November 20)

Abbey Frazier — November 24, 2017


What Else Could Go Into Amazon's Headquarters Decision?

Mary Fredendall — November 09, 2017

The Process

The corporate site selection process is highly complex and customizable, yet several factors dominate every decision as examined here through examining the process as a whole and specifically though evaluating Amazon as a case study as it evaluates sites for...

Michigan's Policy Insiders Take Softer Stance On Immigration Than U.S. Public

Emily Krupp and Simon Schuster — November 02, 2017

There have always been differences in the opinions Americans and those work in and around government view certain policies. But for a wedge issue like immigration, Michigan policy insiders' views are strikingly different from the public's.

In both polls, immigration policy preferences...

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