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Telephone Surveys

OSR conducts telephone surveys with national samples, with statewide Michigan samples, and within individual counties or communities.  OSR samples are drawn from lists or random samples of landline and cell phone numbers. We have the capacity to conduct telephone interviews in Spanish, Arabic, and other languages. OSR’s general approach to telephone surveys is standardized, structured interviewing.

Mail Surveys & Data Entry

OSR will assist you in designing the layout and format of your questionnaire according to best practice guidelines that improve the effectiveness of questionnaire.  Our typical mail survey involves an advance letter, mailing of the questionnaire with a cover letter and return envelope, a reminder or thank you postcard, and one or two additional mailings of the questionnaire to non-responders.  Data entry is closely monitored and verified.

Web Surveys

OSR has been conducting web surveys for more than a decade. We conduct web surveys for MSU faculty and staff, as well as state, national and international clients. We have administered web surveys in multiple languages.

Mixed Mode

OSR has experience with mixed mode survey options to maximize response rates.


We will provide consultation on the most practical mode of data collection for your project, the availability of suitable sampling frames, sampling design options, questionnaire wording, question sequencing, pretesting, strategies for contacting respondents, use of incentives, techniques for maximizing response, timeline development, and data analysis.

Additional Services

Cost Estimation for Grants/Proposals

Questionnaire & Instrument Design

IRB Assistance

Cognitive Interview Testing

Sampling Design and Strategies

Weighting Data

Focus Groups

Analysis and Report Writing

To discuss any of these services, contact Matt Grossmann at or (517) 353-1763.