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September 06, 2022

MAPPR Grants awarded to 7 MSU faculty teams to research current public policy topics

The Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) is pleased to announce that seven team faculty research proposals have been selected to receive funding through the...

December 07, 2022

Michigan Political Leadership Program Announces 2023

Michigan Political Leadership Program Announces 2023

East LANSING, Mich., December 7, 2022 – Today, the Michigan Political Leadership Program (MPLP)...

October 06, 2022

New research from Michigan State University suggests a link between 2021 Child Tax Credits and Improved Infant and Maternal Health

Michigan State University faculty and graduate students in the Colleges of Human Medicine and Social Science, are investigating a potentially beneficial...

September 29, 2022

28th Annual MPLP Fundraiser

The Michigan Political Leadership Program, (MPLP), at Michigan State University is a bipartisan fellowship program designed for those seeking greater...

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May 26, 2022

What's Ahead in Elections, Inflation, Term Limits?

Who's on the ticket in Michigan's gubernatorial races? How high will inflation rise? Will new transparency and term limits proposal prevail?

December 09, 2022

Redistricting's effect on Black Representation in Michigan

Michigan had a historic midterm election following its first redistricting process under the Independent Redistricting Commission. The Commission set out to...

November 02, 2022

ARPA Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds in Michigan: Spending Plans as of April 2022

Just over 17% of the $4.4 billion allocated to Michigan local governments have been spent. Nearly $3.6 billion funds remain unobligated, $3 billion to be...

October 06, 2022

Study found Cash Payments from 2021 Child Tax Credit Extension points to Improved Infant and Maternal Health

The 2021-22 Michigan Applied Public Policy Research (MAPPR) grants awardees completed their research and it is of great interest to citizens as well as...

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