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Labor Force Participation Trends in Michigan and the United States

Labor force participation rates in the United States have been on the gradual decline since peaking in the early 2000s, a trend that began to accelerate towards the end of the Great Recession and continued up until a recent uptick in 2016. Michigan labor force participation trends have followed a similar pattern, but mostly at lower rates and with steeper declines around economic downturns.

Where Policy Is Made: The State Budget Process

Each year around early February, after months of exhaustive work and late nights at the office, the State Budget Office releases the Governor’s Executive Budget Recommendation, formally kicking off Michigan’s annual budget process. And though it may seem that excitement surrounding the release of an appropriations document might be reserved to the number-crunching cubicle-dwelling bureaucrats in Lansing, the far-reaching impact of the state’s budget ensures it’s importance to all of Michigan’s 10 million-plus residents. 


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