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ARPA Local Government Finance – Michigan Effects Noon

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The federal stimulus extends $1.9 trillion nationally for COVID-19 relief and economic recovery efforts. Approximately $4.4 billion is earmarked for Michigan’s state government, counties, cities and tribal governments, and predicted to support 43,000 jobs and annual labor earnings of nearly $3.6 million. This is a virtual event, on Zoom, and links will be forwarded on Monday, May 17, 2021 by email to those who register. Please note our May Public Policy Forum is on a Tuesday. How are local governments expected to spend pandemic-relief funds and what community-building effects are anticipated? Our panelists include economists and guest speakers from community frontlines.


  • Dr. Eric Scorsone, Director, MSU Extension Center for Local Government Finance and Policy, Michigan State University.


American Rescue Plan of 2021 – An IPPSR Michigan Policy Wonk Blog illuminating how a new COVID-stimulus benefits workers, families, schools, local government and just about everyone.
Biden Stimulus Plan to Aid Michigan Local Finances and Economies – an analysis from MSU Extensions’ Center for Local Government Finance and Policy

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