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One-in-five Michigan adults don’t want children

A research team from Michigan State University’s Psychology department tracked Michigan adults’ attitudes and preferences about having children. The team was interested in adults who did not have children, and especially in their plans for the future. The team asked Michiganders to share their...

Wearable voting buttons

What's Ahead in Elections, Inflation, Term Limits?

Who's on the ticket in Michigan's gubernatorial races? How high will inflation rise? Will new transparency and term limits proposal prevail?

Welcoming the Partisan Advantage Tracker -- A New Go-To Elections Resource

Jeff Barton — May 18, 2022

Important and accessible tool for measuring the extent to which newly drawn election districts favor one party or another.

Covid virus

Who Do We Trust -- And Why?

Which political party will win the next election? How is inflation straining the economy? Who do we trust when it comes to COVID? IPPSR Podcasters search for answers.

Refugees walking

Resettling Refugees, Michigan's Budget and the Next Election

Michigan isn't immune from world events. A new IPPSR Podcast.


Ukraine, Bread, Gasoline, Inflation

New State of the State Survey results show Michigan has soured on the economy, the outlook for the future and President Joe Biden.

How Deeply We Care About Our Children's Education

Natalie Harmon — February 11, 2022

New IPPSR survey results illuminates our views on schools' response to pandemic and the quality of our children's education.

What We Think About Michigan's New Redistricting Process

Nick Pigeon — February 11, 2022

Michigan's new redistricting process is important, and may be better way to draw new voting maps than in the past -- new State of the State Survey results.

Michigan Capitol

Taxes! Taxes! Fundraising! Spending?

Mid-Term elections full steam ahead. Tax cut talk and passionate plea for COVID-19 vaccines to save lives. IPPSR Podcasters predictions on the #IPPSRPodcast.

What Makes a State Legislature Popular?

Nick Pigeon — December 17, 2021

And are we fond -- or not so fond -- of our Michigan Legislature?

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