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Scrabble letters spell the word Influence

In Other Words (Week of November 5)

Arnold Weinfeld — November 20, 2018

Our biweekly policy-related readings from divergent voices across Michigan.

Arnold Weinfeld and Charles Ballard

Back to Blue; Future Ahead

Can President Donald Trump's endorsement help Michigan candidates? Is Michigan ready to see a wall between the U.S. and Mexico? Answers on the November 2018 State of the State Podcast.

A stream

Independent Streams (Week of October 29)

Arnold Weinfeld — November 05, 2018

Our weekly roundup of policy-relevant reads and IPPSR-connected research.

Preconception, Pregnancy, and Infant Health Post Medicaid Expansion

National and statewide policy efforts must aim to expand, maintain, and sustain Medicaid coverage for women of reproductive age, pregnant women, and infants.

Study Finds Policy and Research Needs for Attacking Michigan's Opioid Edidemic

Juli Liebler, Ph.D. — November 01, 2018

As Michigan continues to confront its opioid crisis, fresh evidence indicates the efforts are having an effect.

Scrabble tiles that say Influence

In Other Words (Week of October 22)

Arnold Weinfeld — October 30, 2018

Our biweekly policy-related readings from divergent voices across Michigan.

Arnold Weinfeld, Charles Ballard, Zachary Neal

Election 2018 Candidates, Ballot Proposals and Polarization

IPPSR podcasters feature the latest results from the State of the State Survey just before Election 2018. Their guest is MSU Professor Zachary Neal.

Meandering stream

Independent Streams (Week of Oct. 15)

Arnold Weinfeld — October 24, 2018

Our every other week roundup of policy-relevant reads and IPPSR-connected research.

IPPSR Forum: Prevailing Wage and Workforce Diversity, Cost and Safety

Hannah Sweeney — October 22, 2018

Michigan's prevailing wage law and its impact on highly skilled trade jobs.

IPPSR Forum: Michigan Faces Recreational Marijuana Vote

Hannah Sweeney — October 17, 2018

Highlights from IPPSR's September Public Policy Forum on recreational marijuana as a public vote nears on the issue.

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