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Hard to Say 'Goodbye' from Afar in Time of Coronavirus

Hannah Sweeney — June 02, 2020

Despite distance learning at term's end, MPP Graduate Hannah Sweeney is "...excited to reach the new goals I have set for myself."

The Sequence of Plunder: A Case Study of Housing Dispossession in Detroit

Troy Distelrath — June 02, 2020

Part III in this series: Municipal bankruptcy and the dispossession of voice

School bus

COVID-19 Lessons: Distance Learning and Economic Distancing

Keeping classrooms and the economy on track in the time of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

What Is the Tie that Binds? Facebook, of Course

Shayla Olson — May 15, 2020

What predicts connections between the states? Doctoral student Shayla F. Olson answers the question with analysis from two valuable research resources.

A Novel Graduation: With Hope for the Future

Sejal Luthra — May 14, 2020

IPPSR Graduate Fellow Sejal Luthra's final blog post and advice to MSU's 2020 graduates: "Make this journey your learning process....Kudos and cheers to all."

Sequence of Plunder: A Case Study of Housing Dispossession in Detroit

Troy Distelrath — May 08, 2020

Exploring Detroit's decline from its status as the “Arsenal of Democracy." The second in a six-part series.

Children in Crisis: New Hope to Raise the Expectations of Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

Madeleine March-Meenagh — April 21, 2020

A new report offers the hope of brighter futures to children in crisis in Michigan and beyond.

In Other Words (Week of April 13)

Our biweekly compilation of policy-related readings from divergent voices across Michigan.

Stream of water flowing through grasses

Independent Streams (Week of April 6)

Our biweekly roundup of policy-relevant reads and IPPSR-connected research.

Podcasters Matt Grossmann, Arnold Weinfeld, Charles Ballard

Recession, Election, Education in the Time of Coronavirus

A new election upcoming, a new recession taking hold and new IPPSR research on shuttered or online classrooms. Plus, a new report on the digital division across Michigan.

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