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Researching, Networking, Extending State Political Leadership Programs

Welcome to the Leadership and Candidate Development Toolkit, a website developed to extend state political leadership programs through a generous grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to Michigan State University’s Michigan Political Leadership Program.

We are excited to share these resources with leaders, candidates, universities and all organizations introduced in growing and developing excellent candidates for elected and appointed office through bipartisan training that encourages innovation, civil discourse, public service and excellence in governing.

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About this project: Crafting this initiative from initial grant, to leadership training summit to the future

Research: Seeking programs designed to train and develop successful public service leaders

Learn: Connecting practioners across states in a summit resulting in personal relationships through email, social media and shared organizations.

Toolkit: Building a political leadership or candidate development program in your state. With these resources, we hope you'll make this program-in-a-box your own.