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Research - Seeking Programs; Finding Success

Are You Willing to Run?

As part of this project, IPPSR has identified 351 political leadership and candidate training programs, collected and standardized the public information available on their websites, and reached out to the 10 programs most similar to MPLP for further discussions. We have inventoried these programs. The resulting searchable database catalogues the programs and identifies contacts and essential operations and goals.

From those programs, our research identified eight of the best designed bipartisan, statewide, and politics-focused fellowship programs and invited them to a comprehensive information sharing network as well as a planning conference at the Hewlett Foundation.

We hope this research, and this toolkit, combined will serve as a “program in a box” starter kit for use by similar programs and others interested in starting an effort in their state.


Excel Database of Training Programs (.xlsx)
See codebook from Grossmann’s research (.pdf)
Dr. Matt Grossmann’s research presentation (.pdf)
Dr. Jamil Scott’s research presentation (.pdf)


Use any of the variables below to filter the results from all of the programs we have collected in our database.

Women Focused
Type of Training