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Valentina Bali

Associate Professor, Political Science


State and local politics, elections, education policy, representation, electoral behavior, policy processes

Current Research

States’ reactions to federally mandated personal identification systems, evolution of statewide student information systems, terrorism and elections

Selected Publications

  • "Students Opinions of a Student Response System for Introductory Packaging Classes.” With Rafael Auras, and Laura Bix (MSU). NACTA Journal, September 2010: 2-8. 2.

  • "Tinkering Towards a National Identification System: Opinions from Citizens.” Policy Studies Journal, 37 (2), May 2009: 233-255.

  • Bali, Valentina, and Belinda C. Davis. 2008. "Examining the Role of Race, NIMBY, and Local Politics in FEMA Trailer Park Placement." Social Science Quarterly, 89 (5): 1175-1194.

  • Bali, Valentina. 2008. "The Passage of Education Citizen Initiatives: Evidence from California." Educational Policy, 22 (3): 422-456.

Government Focus

International, Local, State