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Sarah Reckhow

Assistant Professor, Political Science


Education policy, urban politics, nonprofits and philanthropy, racial and ethnic politics

Current Research

How private foundations fund research and advocacy in order to shape education; charter school policy; philanthropy in education politics

Selected Publications

  • Reckhow, Sarah. 2013. Follow the Money: How Foundation Dollars Change Public School Politics. New York: Oxford University Press.

  • Reckhow, Sarah and Jeffrey W. Snyder. 2014. “The Expanding Role of Philanthropy in Education Politics.” Educational Researcher. 43(4): 186-195.

  • Lester, T. William and Sarah Reckhow. 2013. “Network Governance and Regional Equity: Shared Agendas or Problematic Partners?” Planning Theory. 12(2): 115-138.

  • Reckhow, Sarah. 2009. “The Distinct Patterns of Organized and Elected Representation of Racial and Ethnic Groups.” Urban Affairs Review. 45(2): 188-217.

Government Focus

Local, State

Public Service

Member of the Scholars Strategy Network, Organizer of State and Local Politics and Policy Workshop, Michigan State University