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Michelle Kaminski

Associate Professor, College of Social Science


Collective bargaining, labor law, unions, gender and union leadership 

Current Research

Right to Work, Workers’ rights as human rights, gender and unions

Selected Publications

  • Kaminski, M. (2015). How Michigan became a Right to Work state: The role of money and politics. Labor Studies Journal, 40(4), 362-379.

  • Kaminski, M. & Pauly, J. (2013). Gender and union leadership: A force field analysis. In Gendering and Diversifying Trade Union Leadership, Sue Ledwith and Lise Lotte Hansen, Eds., pp. 47-66. New York: Routledge.

  • Piszczek, M. and Kaminski, M. (2010). It isn’t always rational: The psychology of voting and lessons for labor. Labor Studies Journal 2010 35 (1) 116-132.

  • Kaminski, M. and Moccio, F. (2009). Workers’ rights as human rights: Legal debate and impact on workers. Labor Studies Journal. 34(1), 5-7.

  • Kaminski, M. and Yakura, E. (2008), Women’s union leadership: Closing the gender gap. Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society. 11(4), 459-475.

Government Focus

National, State

Public Service

Midwest Representative, United Association for Labor Education
Advisory Committee Member, UAW Health and Safety Department, NIEHS Hazardzous Waste Worker Grant
Bargaining Unit Chair, The Newspaper Guild, Local 35, Work & Technology Unit. Elected to two terms. Involved in negotiation and administration of union contract. Delegate, Champaign County AFL-CIO, Elected by the Union of Professional Employees