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Mark Wilson

Professor of Urban and Regional Planning in MSU's School of Planning, Design and Construction


Expertise in local economic development, mega-event planning, industrial park development, and internet policy.


Current Research

Current projects include planning for industrial parks in Africa and the Middle East, mega event planning for world’s fairs and Olympics, innovation and information technology access in Michigan, and the planning of knowledge and innovation clusters.


Selected Publications

  • Mark Wilson and Kenneth E Corey. "Approaching Ubiquity: Global Trends and Issues in ICT Access and Use. Journal of Urban Technology 2011

  • Roberts, K. & Wilson, M. (Eds) Policy Choices: NAFTA and Michigan's Future. East Lansing: MSU Press, 1996.

  • Corey, K. & Wilson, M. (Eds) (2000) Information Tectonics: Space, Place, and Technology in an Electronic Age London: Wiley.

  • Kenneth E Corey and Mark Wilson. "Benchmarking IT Cities" in Kallidaikurichi S and Yuen B (Eds) Developing Living Cities: From Analysis to Action Singapore: World Scientific. 2010.

  • “Event Engineering: Urban Planning for Olympics and World's Fairs” in Brunn, S D (Ed) Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Megaengineering Projects. Dordrecht: Springer Science + Business Media. 2010

Government Focus

International, Local, National, State

Public Service

National Center for Charitable Statistics
Michigan Nonprofit Association
Aspen Institute Nonprofit Research Fund for Michigan