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Jinhua Zhao

Professor, Economics


Applied Microeconomics, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Energy, Environment in China, Information, Real Options, Technology Adoption, International Trade and the Environment

Current Research

  • Ye, Guangliang and Jinhua Zhao, “Environmental Regulation in a Mixed Economy,” Environmental and Resource Economics, 2015 (accepted)
  • Wang, Min and Jinhua Zhao, “Are Renewable Energy Policies Climate Friendly? The Role of Capacity Constraints and Market Power,” 2015
  • Song, Feng, Jinhua Zhao, and Scott Swinton, “Alternative Land Use Policies: Real Options with Costly Reversibility,” revise and resubmit, Resource and Energy Economics, 2015
  • Zhao, Jinhua, “Information Externalities and Strategic Delay in Technology Adoption and Diffusion,” 2014

Selected Publications

  • Kim, Younjun, Catherine L. Kling and Jinhua Zhao, “Understanding Behavioral Explanations of the WTP-WTA Divergence Through a Neoclassical Lens: Implications for Environmental Policy,” Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2015, 7, 169-187.

  • Rausser, Gordon C., Leo K. Simon, and Jinhua Zhao, “Rational Exaggeration and CounterExaggeration in Information Aggregation Games,” Economic Theory, 2015, 59(1), 109-146.

  • Wang, Min, Jinhua Zhao, and Joydeep Bhattacharya “Optimal Health and Environmental Policies in a Pollution-Growth Nexus,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2015, 71, 160-179.

  • Stuart, Diana, Bruno Basso, Sandy Marquart-Pyatt, Adam P. Reimer, G. Philip Robertson, and Jinhua Zhao, “The Need for a Coupled Human and Natural Systems Understanding of Agricultural Nitrogen Loss,” BioScience, 2015, 65(6), 571-578.

  • Fenichel, Eli and Jinhua Zhao, “Sustainability and Substitutability,” Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2015, 77, 348-367.

  • Tan, Jijun and Jinhua Zhao, “The Value of Clean Air in China: Evidence from Beijing and Shanghai,” Frontiers of Economics in China, 9(1), 2014, 109-137.

  • Wang, Min and Jinhua Zhao, “Monopoly Extraction of a Nonrenewable Resource Facing Capacity Constrained Renewable Competition,” Economics Letters, September 2013, 120, 503-508.

  • Kling, Catherine, L., John List, and Jinhua Zhao, “The WTP/WTA Disparity: Have We Been Observing Dynamic Values But Interpreting Them as Static,” Economic Inquiry, 59(1), January 2013, 909-921.

Government Focus

International, National

Public Service

Member, US EPA Board of Scientific Counselors, Air, Climate and Energy Subcommittee
Member, US EPA Science Advisory Board, Environmental Economics Advisory Committee
Winner, Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements Research Paper Competition, “A Proposal for the Design of the Successor to the Kyoto Protocol,” (with Larry Karp)