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Daniel Bergan

Professor, Communications


Daniel Bergan specializes in public opinion and experimental work on advocacy campaigns. He uses field experimental designs to test the impact of citizen contacts to policymakers on public policy.

Current Research

Bergan, D. E. (in press). Probability. In M. Allen (Ed.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Selected Publications

  • Bergan, D. E. & Cole, R. (2014). Call your legislator: The impact of citizen contacts on legislative voting. Political Behavior.

  • Risner, G. & Bergan, D. E. (2014). Say it with candy: The power of framing tax increases as items. Journal of Political Marketing.

  • Lacy, S, Wildman, S., Fico, F., Bergan, D. E., Baldwin, T., & Zube, P. (2013). How radio news uses sources to cover local government news and factors affecting source use. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 90, 457-477.

  • Lacy, S, Fico, F., Wildman, S., Bergan, D. E., Baldwin, T., & Zube, P. (2013). Citizen journalism sites as information substitutes and complements for United States newspaper coverage of local governments. Digital Journalism.

  • Fico, F., Lacy, S., Baldwin, T., Bergan, D. E., Wildman, S. & Zube, P. (2013). Newspapers Devote Far Less Coverage to Country Government than to City Governance. Newspaper Research Journal.

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