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MSU Electric Autonomous Bus

Mid-Term Election, Abortion Question, Self-Driving Transportation

IPPSR State of the State podcasters look to 2022 and prospects for mid-term elections, U.S. Supreme Court decisions and autonomous transportation on the MSU campus.

The Spread of Misinformation

Michigan’s response to Critical Race Theory. New results from the State of the State Survey.

Proposed Michigan redistricting map

Looking Ahead: Inflation, Elections, Redistricting

State of the State podcasters explore the dimensions of current inflation, midterm elections to come and Michigan redistricting now underway.

Solar Power and Pollinator Habitat on Agriculture Land

Sharlissa Moore — October 22, 2021

Stakeholder perspectives, pollinator habitat and trade-offs: research from a unique project-based capstone class.

Container ships in port

Supply Chain Worries, Inflation Woes and Critical Thinking

The IPPSR Podcast outlook on COVID-caused supply chain interruptions, long-term inflation forecasts and fairness and equity in the K-12 curriculum.

Michigan’s Independent Redistricting Commission: What Do First Maps Tell Us?

Nick Pigeon — October 01, 2021

​How well is the new commission executing the proposal that created it?​

MSU's new Stem teaching building

Reimaging Redistricting, Inflation, Sustainability

Beautiful, lightweight and sustainable. Mass Timber helps hold up MSU's new STEM teaching center.. State of the State podcasters envision budgets, inflation and redistricting.

Yellow tape printed with word counterfeit

Inflation, Surplus Relief Funds and Unsavory Actors Rising?

Consumers beware! Untraceable 'ghost' vendors selling counterfeit pharmaceuticals, COVID-19 vaccines, toys and services can be found online.

The Impact of Early Intervention on Vaccination Rates

Roderick Bullard — June 01, 2021

Assuring Our Good Health and Return to ‘New’ Normal

IPPSR Podcasters

The Economy, COVID Recovery and New Voting Districts

Pandemic restrictions are relaxed. COVID financial relief is on the way. Can a "social" boom be next? Listen in on the May State of the State Podcast.

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