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The Impact of Early Intervention on Vaccination Rates

Roderick Bullard — June 01, 2021

Assuring Our Good Health and Return to ‘New’ Normal

IPPSR Podcasters

The Economy, COVID Recovery and New Voting Districts

Pandemic restrictions are relaxed. COVID financial relief is on the way. Can a "social" boom be next? Listen in on the May State of the State Podcast.

Proof of Vaccine

The Power of Vaccines, the Economy and Information

Powerful questions: Will vaccines help save our economy longterm? Will we support new criminal justice initiatives? How can we minimize the threat of misinformation?

Analyzing Michigan's Budget in the Time of COVID

Michael Breslin — April 23, 2021

One student’s journey from personal interest to research presentation. A Q & A.

Democratic versus Republican Campaign Consultants

Natalie Del Vecchio — April 22, 2021

A prizewinning analysis of congressional political consultant views.

American Rescue Plan of 2021

Michael Breslin — April 02, 2021

Shining a light on how a new stimulus benefits workers, families, schools, local governments and just about everyone.

Michigan Capitol

Renewing Economy, Voting Districts and Local Government Finances

Looking ahead: Michigan's economy, redistricting and $4.4 billion in federal stimulus recovery aid to local government. 

The 'Diploma Divide': Does It Exist for Racial and Ethnic Minorities?

Erika Vallejo — March 15, 2021

Does educational level guide our voting behavior? New research seeks a possible answer.

Writing Budgets: The Value of the What-If Simulation

Michael Breslin — March 09, 2021

Freshman legislators recently got the chance to practice budgetmaking, and I did too. 

Mental Health in Michigan Schools

Roderick Bullard — March 09, 2021

Early intervention is a proven way to save taxpayers money on later health costs involved in treating those with mental illness. A fresh look.

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