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Mental Health in Michigan Schools

Roderick Bullard — March 09, 2021

Early intervention is a proven way to save taxpayers money on later health costs involved in treating those with mental illness. A fresh look.

From Pandemic to Presidential Election

Cindy Kyle with Dan Thaler — March 02, 2021

We all ask ourselves where we were during especially memorable – for better or for worse – times.

Infographic about Influenza Pandemic in Michigan 1918

What Lessons to be Learned from Two Pandemics?

State of the State podcasters ask if we will pay heed to the lessons learned in 1918 and 2020.

Michigan's Next Round of COVID-19 Relief Stalls over Inter-Branch Power Struggle

Michael Breslin — February 17, 2021

The delayed distribution of federal and state funds is a detrimental, albeit unsurprising, consequence of partisan squabbling.

Michigan Political Views Fall along Demographic and Partisan Lines

Michael Breslin — January 29, 2021

New SOSS county-level analyses show Trump and Whitmer approval ratings divided by race, education, income, and geography

Weinfeld, Thomas, Ballard, Grossmann pix

Presidential Election, Democracy, Economy

First State of the State podcast of 2021: an economic roller coaster and polarizing grievances that can fuel political violence.

Voting signs

Facing the Pandemic, the Economy and Redistricting

IPPSR podcasters agree it's no time to drop our pandemic facemasks. They foresee a tough economic winter ahead and describe a new, and potentially fairer, way to draw voting districts.

How Accurate Are Michigan Revenue Estimates Now?

Michael Breslin — November 25, 2020

At this time of thanks, this new analysis of Michigan's budget year forecasting takes time to express gratitude for improving accuracy.

Overcoming Michigan's Homework Gap: Innovation and Collaboration Can Build a Resilient K-12 Education System

Johannes M. Bauer — October 28, 2020

Inequalities in broadband connectivity are a major obstacle in connecting our human capital -- especially our children -- to a successful future.

Bumper stickers for Trump and Biden

Going Red or Blue in Michigan in 2020?

Predictions, projections and Election Madness in the latest State of the State Podcast.

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