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Welcome to the State of the State Survey (SOSS) Data. This is a ongoing resource which allows policymakers, MSU faculty, and SOSS sponsors to tap into the perceptions of Michigan adults on a quarterly basis.

The Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University administers SOSS and this archive through its Office for Survey Research. We encourage use of the data for publications and news releases. 

Budget Downturns and Higher Education Funding

Douglas B. Roberts, Amy J. Baumer, Brian D. Silver, Caroline Starrs

December 2003

Public Supports Land Use Planning

Carol S. Weissert, Julie L. Ford, Amy J. Baumer

August 2003

How Accurate Are Perceptions of Social Statistics About Blacks and Whites?

Stan Kaplowitz, Bradley Fisher, Clifford Broman

August 2003

Addressing the Budget Crisis: Michigan Residents Speak Out

Amy J. Baumer, Brian D. Silver, Carol Weissert

April 2003

Through Rose Colored Glasses: Public Perceptions of Nursing Home Quality

Andrew J. Hogan, Maureen A. Mickus

October 2002

Executive Summary: College Students and "Celebration Drinking"

Olin Health Center, Department of Communication, IPPSR

October 2002

Foreign Policy: Can America Go it Alone?

Jeffrey M. Riedinger, Brian Silver, Karen Brook

August 2002