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Not All Cues Are Created Equal: The Conditional Impact of Female Candidates on Political Engagement

November 2003

Lonna Rae Atkeson


This article examines how political cues may influence the political participation and engagement of women. It did so by looking at how political races involving women candidates impacted engagement among women citizens. It found that women were much more likely to be politically engaged during intergender competitive races involving women, than noncompetitive races involving women, as well as races with no women present. Men were no more or less engaged during these kinds of races.

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Policy Implications

Having women on the ballot, with actual chances at success, is a powerful way to increase women’s political engagement. The lack of women in office and running sends a signal to women citizens that politics is not for them and that their opinions do not matter. Running women candidates in competitive races can help to counteract this and increase political engagement amongst women.

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