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Leveraging Knowledge: Taking Stock of the William T. Grant Foundations Use of Research Evidence Grants Portfolio

November 2015

Kim Dumont


The author attempts to summarize the findings/results of the William T Grant Foundations attempt to measure and increase research utilization by government. The author found three lessons particularly relevant for increasing research utilization in governments: Production of research that takes into account the multitude of factors that can influence policy. Relationships have a large effect of the utilization of research, both between researchers and policy makers and between policymakers and agencies. Finally, opportunities for engagement are critical, and must be sought out and seized upon by researchers.

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Policy Implications

The William T Grant Foundation has attempted to increase the low utilization of research by policymakers. This report does a succinct job of describing not only the methods of that effort, but the insights gleaned from the process. The lessons for researchers are intuitive and make sense. However, it seems that focusing on changing policymakers’ use of research should also be a goal of this process.

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