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A Closer Look at the Remaining Uninsured Population Eligible for Medicaid and CHIP

February 2016

Robin Rudowitz, Samantha Artiga, Anthony Damico, Rachel Garfield


This article explores the key characteristics of those, who after implementation of the ACA in 2014, are eligible for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) but are still uninsured. 27% of uninsured, non-elderly adults are eligible for Medicaid and CHIP, and 77% live in states that expanded Medicaid coverage

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Policy Implications

ACA expanded coverage to millions of people, yet there are many who are still uninsured. To better reach out to and help this group of uninsured but eligible people, one needs to understand where and who they are. In non-expansion states, children make up the majority of uninsured but eligible. In expansion states, the majority is non-parent adults. Also, in both non-expansion and expansion states, over half of those who are eligible but uninsured are people of color.

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