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Ukraine, Bread, Gasoline, Inflation


All eyes appear to be staying on Russia, Ukraine, inflation and November’s mid-term elections, Michigan State University’s IPPSR podcasters are forecasting, with new State of the State results showing that Michigan has soured on the economy and President Joe Biden.

Uncertainty sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already pushed up the price of gasoline. Russia and Ukraine are major wheat and corn growers, and their conflict will raise prices at the grocery stores, observes Charles Ballard, MSU economist and a member of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) podcast team.

With war-strangled supply disruptions and shortages, along with rising demand powered by economic stimulus checks, extra unemployment benefits, consumers are likely to find goods and services in short supply or delayed, Ballard said. This month’s IPPSR State of the State Podcast features IPPSR Director Dr. Matt Grossmann and IPPSR Associate Director Arnold Weinfeld.

Other highlights from the monthly internet broadcast:

  • Inflation's likely to make a dent in President Biden's favor with voters, said Grossmann.
  • Retirees' effect on the economy may be understated as their experience leaves the workforce, Ballard said.
  • IPPSR's latest State of the State Survey, fielded in December 2021, shows Michigan voters, have soured on the economy, their own pocketbook, their outlook on the future and President Biden. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer still seems to be holding voter approval as she seeks re-election in November.

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