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Supply Chain Worries, Inflation Woes and Critical Thinking

COVID-19 has taught us many lessons and raised many more questions, podcasters find in the October edition of the IPPSR State of the State Podcast.

IPPSR Associate Director Arnold Weinfeld hosts the discussion with Emeritus Economics Professor Dr. Charles Ballard and Rebecca Jacobsen, professor of education policy in MSU's College of Education. Weinfeld asks about Christmas shopping, given container ships lined up for unloading at U.S. ports. Our supply chain, says Ballard, is delicate for a number of commodities. While it has worked well in a number of ways, the globe is now subject to a kind of "rolling blackout" as supplies of various commodities are in short supply in some locations and not so much in others. That's going to take time to unwind, he says. Shelves short of supply and consumers ready to spend is a formula for rising prices, the kind of inflation that has sparked debate across the country. With winter weather on the horizon and higher gas prices, "It might be an old-fashioned Michigan winter," Weinfeld forecasts.

Jacobsen's background is in politics and education where she has focused on public opinion and its impact on education policy. In this podcast, she shares research (thanks to IPPSR Director Dr. Matt Grossmann and the State of the State Survey) asking Michigan residents their views about teaching children about fairness and equity in an age-appropriate way. She also asked about whether public schools should teach more about race and racism as part of American history lessons and whether they trusted local teachers to discuss race and racism with their school-age children in the coming year.

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