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In Other Words (Week of February 4)

Our biweekly policy-related readings from divergent voices across Michigan. Their positions are On the Right, On the Left and Down the Middle.

On the Left

Susan J. Demas with Michigan Advance talks about the financial challenges facing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s tenure.

Laura Millard Ross, with Michigan League for Public Policy, writes for the blog Factually Speaking and discusses the scary side effects for families with low incomes.

On the Right

Michael D. LaFaive and Andrew Wilford with  the Mackinac Policy Center discuss the tax burden imposed on online retailers post-Wayfair.

From Michigan Capitol Confidential, Kahryn Riley makes a case for the Clean-Slate law

Down the Middle

A mourning state and nation shared stories and sadness with the passing of Michigan Congressman John Dingell, the nation’s longest-serving member of Congress.

A Citizens Research Council of Michigan blog reviews a 2013 measure along schools not “financially viable” to be dissolved. The Council looks at lessons learned from a legal, financial, state and student perspective.

Worst roads in America in Michigan? Everyone seems to agree on that. Pay more tax at the fuel pump to pay for improvements? Well….. A Detroit News editorial asks if the tradeoff has value.