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Independent Streams (Week of April 1)


  • Equal Pay Day: MSU Professor says economists "didn't see it coming" IPPSR Affiliate and MSU Economist Charles Ballard comments on the gender wage gap and how the gap still exists, even if it has narrowed over the years.
  • It’s the age of the AV -- autonomous vehicles -- and MSU and its campus are mastering mobility WKAR Radio shares the State of the State Podcast featuring Interim IPPSR Director Arnold Weinfeld, IPPSR affiliates Charles Ballard and Shelia Cotten. The podcast outlines the new challenges and opportunities that will be created with the advent of self-driving commercial and consumer vehicles.
  • Session with State Officials Aims to Help Restore Public Trust in Government MPLP Alumni and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson conducts a town hall meeting to talk about restoring public trust in elected officials.



  • The Push for Access to Government Records MPLP graduate and state Sen. Jeremy Moss is working to expand public access to information, legislative accountability and executive accountability by pushing for a transparency legislation under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA.
  • Is White Identity Causing an Immigration Backlash IPPSR Director Matt Grossmann, a nationally recognized political scientist, asks if America is replaying the ethnic conflicts dividing Europe in the Science of Politics, a podcast for the Niskanen Center.