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CORONAUpdate (Week of September 4)


  • The Inclusion Payoff - The share of patents and new inventions by women and African American people has not matched the increase in the number of science and engineering degrees that those demographics have earned in recent years, MSU Economics Professor Lisa Cook says in an interview with NPR. Cook is an IPPSR affiliate.
  • Michigan has over 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus - Dr. Peter Gulick, an infectious disease specialist and MSU professor of medicine, predicts the state may see another 100,000 cases by mid-January. Gulick, a speaker at an IPPSR Health Policy Issues group session, was quoted in the Detroit Free Press.
  • COVID-19 recession could trigger a surprise tax cut in Michigan - The state is starved for revenue, according to IPPSR’s State of the State Director Charles Ballard. He is an MSU economics professor.




  • Generation Work-From-Home May Never Recover - Peter Berg, director of MSU’s School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, is quoted in The Atlantic on the downsides to working from home during Covid-19. One downside: no gossip at the watercooler or as we move through the office from our office.  
  • Testing The Waters: MSU Searches For COVID Beneath The Campus - Scientists at Michigan State University are trying to develop an early COVID-19 detection strategy by testing wastewater – sampling larger groups of people without individual tests. Joan Rose is working on the project. She holds MSU’s Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research and has been a speaker at IPPSR’s specialized training for legislative staff members.