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Public Will

A statewide web survey of Michigan adults designed to gather opinions about timely social issues and to predict and explain conditions for social change. The research was conducted in partnership with Professor Frank Boster, College of Communication Arts and Sciences and Professor Charles T. Salmon, Chair, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Better Buildings for Michigan

A telephone survey of Michigan residents, in selected communities, to determine which factors influenced whether or not a household was willing to participate in an energy upgrade program. The Better Buildings for Michigan program was designed to create a sustainable energy efficiency market by providing outreach and education to increase demand, a skilled energy efficiency workforce to meet that demand, and the tools for lenders to make ongoing investments in energy efficiency in residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings.

Saginaw Community Survey

Web and self-administered survey of residents to develop a better understand of neighborhoods, experiences with crime, and perceptions of police. Conducted on behalf of Dr. Edmund McGarrell and Dr. Chris Melde, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University and was funded by the National Institute of Justice.

Detroit Community Survey

Web and Self-Administered survey of Detroit residents to better understand neighborhood conditions, residents, and environments in the city of Detroit. This research was conducted on behalf of Dr.  Meghan Hollis, currently the Director of the Institute for Predictive and Analytic Policing Science at Tarleton State University.

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