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January 2016 Forum Panelists’ Publications, Blogs, etc.

Detroit Public Schools: Quality, Accountability, and Governance

Kristi Bowman:

  • MSU Law Biography Page

  • Social Science Research Network (Biography page with multiple scholarly papers concerning urban education)

  • A New Strategy for Pursuing Racial and Ethnic Equality in Public Schools

    (Describes inequality and racial disparities within schools both in past and present and proposes a new strategy for dealing with poor learning environments)

  • Commemorating Brown and the Civil Rights Act: Learning from the Past and Hoping for the Future

  • Front Matter for: The Pursuit of Racial and Ethnic Equality in American Public Schools

    (Touches on the significance of both law and education and the potential for reform in educational institutions through law)

  • Pursuing Educational Opportunities for Latino/a Students

    (Deals with broader civil rights and socioeconomic issues regarding Latino/a students in the U.S.)

  • State Takeovers of School Districts and Related Litigation: Michigan as a Case Study

    (Looks at state involvement and intervention within a school district fiscal crisis and the role of “emergency manager”)

  • Educational Policy and the Law

    (Examines educational law and policy in the elementary and secondary school setting and analyzes how policy problems become legal matters)

Dan Varner

Gary Naeyaert

Sarah Reckhow