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Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act: Potential Changes in Receipt of Mental Health Treatment among Low-Income Nonelderly Adults with Serious Mental Illness

October 2015

Beth Han, Joe Gfroerer, Janet Kuramoto, Mir Ali, Albert Woodward


The article attempts to find how many more of those with serious mental illness living below the poverty level were treated under Medicaid expansion, compared to those who were not insured. Those who were insured were far more likely to receive treatment compared to the noninsured. However, those insured were more likely to utilize emergency room services.

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Policy Implications

The expansion of Medicaid would lead to significantly better results in mental health related outcomes. Certain states may be reluctant to participate, however, due to the cost-sharing nature of the program. It is also worth mentioning that some Medicaid patients may not utilize mental health services, even when needed, and so state and federal governments may have to spend more in order to reach these patients.

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