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Increasing incidence of metastatic prostate cancer in the United States

June 2016

A.B. Weiner, R.S. Matulewicz, S.E. Eggener, E.M Schaeffer


The authors of this study examine data from the National Cancer Data Base between 2004 and 2013 to determine if cases of advanced or metastatic prostate cancer increased or decreased. Gathering data on men from 1089 health care facilities in the United States, the authors modeled the information to see if current screening practices were too relaxed. What they found was that the cases of metastatic prostate cancer increased in the United States. These cases increased in men in the age range that could benefit the most from advanced screenings and treatment.

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Policy Implications

This study shows how lax screening guidelines for prostate cancer in males can lead to an increase in more serious cancer cases. It also shows a need for more stringent cancer screening policies among groups that are at a higher risk of developing cancer. The study also advocates for the creation and refinement of new screening techniques and technologies that are more adept to spotting cancers in early stages.

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