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Equity and Length of Lifespan are Not the Same

June 2016

Benjamin Seligman, Gabi Greenberg, Shripad Tuljapurkar


This research article presents data on lifespan and how it differs from life equity. As lifespan and life expectancy increases the question of whether or not we are living good healthy lives arises. As chances of cancer and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) rise later in life this study focuses on the equity of life during these times. This study also suggests that implementing policy can have an affect on life equity as well as lifespan. The study conducted involves populations from G7 countries. The authors of this study also suggest that promoting healthy lifestyles among younger ages is essential to achieving higher health equity. When healthier lifestyles are advocated at a young age the chances of developing CVDs diminishes and life equity increases.

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Policy Implications

To make sure that the lives we live are healthy, long, and rich it is important that we cultivate healthy lifestyles at a young age. To combat afflictions like cardiovascular disease it is important that children are provided with healthy nutritional standards and exercises.

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