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Cosmopolitan Patriotism as a Civic Ideal

October 2019

Cecile Laborde, Lior Erez


This article is about the recent theoretical debates concerning whether there is compatibility between patriotism and political responsibilities. The article details justification and the scope of global justice. The example used by the author posed an inference that Patriotism blocks off and stands in the way of cosmopolitanism. Although this conclusion may be a possible inference, it doesn’t take into account the level of loyalty from an individual of the United States. The attitudes and beliefs of an emotionally effective cosmopolitan patriot are the sense of collective identification and an attitude of critical engagement.

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Policy Implications

The policy implications occurring from patriotic loyalty standing in the way of globalism could be a more militant society; where the rules and regulations benefit U.S. veterans. The main policy effect might mean an improvement in welfare for a great number of individuals. A citizen that has a deep commitment to their country and their political community takes pride in the achievements of the country, and therefore, will be devoted to helping the country.

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