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Community Health Center Use After Oregon Randomized Medicaid Experiment

July 2015

Jennifer E. DeVoe, Miguel Marino, Rachel Gold, Megan J. Hoopes, Stuart Cowburn, Jean P. O'Malley, John Heintzman, Charles Gallia, K. John McConnell, Christine A. Nelson, Nathalie Huguet, Steffani R. Bailey


This is another study based on the Oregon randomized Medicaid experiment. This experiment showed that patients randomly selected for Medicaid coverage had much higher levels of primary care visits, lab tests and imaging, and specialist referrals in community health centers.

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Policy Implications

States should be prepared for increased levels of demand at community health centers as Medicaid programs are expanded. This implication is important, as it runs contrary to a popular belief that newly insured patients would more likely frequent doctors offices and hospitals.

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