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The Legislative Leadership Program is a far shorter program, but no less intensive.

Known by its initials, LLP brings together newly elected legislators with university faculty and policy experts in small-group facilitated discussions. Their work is to deepen their understanding of the state’s most urgent issues, from education, to budgets, technology and transportation.

LLP takes place in the few days between November’s election and the first days of legislative terms. The nonpartisan program has drawn the support of legislative leaders from both chambers.

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IPPSR is fortunate to host the Michigan Political Leadership Program—known as MPLP—and the Legislative Leadership Program.

MPLP is a Fellowship program. Annually, 24 people – equal numbers of men and women and Republicans and Democrats – are selected from a competitive field. They take part in 10 months of intensive weekend training, including tours, hands-on-activities and an opportunity to learn from and engage with some of the state’s top executives from government and business.

MPLP’s successes are numerous. Nearly half of the program’s alumni have served or are serving in elective or appointive offices. In 2016, seven alumni were elected into the Michigan House of Representatives and four were voted into the Michigan Senate. Many more lead in local governments, corporations, small businesses and grassroots organizations.

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Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research is the home of two powerful programs whose singular purpose is to train new state leaders and help refresh and polish their skills during their career.