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CORONAUpdate (Week of July 31)



  • Agricultural workers get hazard pay under Dem plan - The Food Security Protection Plan, co-sponsored by Brian Elder, an alumni of IPPSR’s Michigan Political Leadership Program, gives protective equipment and hazard pay to meatpacking plant workers who seem susceptible to Covid-19 outbreaks. 
  • Michigan set to ensure Covid-19 rules compliance - Justin Winslow, CEO of Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association and Michigan Political Leadership Program alum, comments that potentially punitive measures for rule non-compliance could hurt businesses and hopes the state will work with restaurants.


  • MPLP Sets Another First - The MPLP program has announced its annual fundraiser will be hosted virtually on Thursday, Oct. 1. IPPSR Director Matt Grossman has announced the featured speaker this year will be analyst and pundit Larry Sabato, founder of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.
  • The Pandemic’s Potential to Create a Lost Generation of Voters - Sabato’s Crystal Ball, founded by political scientist Larry Sabato, key speaker at this year’s Michigan Political Leadership Program annual fundraiser, discusses how the pandemic could affect college students’ ability to vote.