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Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research is issuing a call for policy papers that help build and translate evidence-based research for decision-makers.

The Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) expects to distribute $150,000 in total for MSU grants of up to $30,000 for applied research that links faculty work to current policy discussions.

Proposals are due July 15, 2021 and grant winners are due to be announced in early August.

“As this year has made more clear, state policy informed by research evidence is critical for problem solving and the advancement of Michigan,” Grossmann said in inviting research proposals. “We are excited about extending research opportunities.” See the call for research proposals here.

MAPPR research has covered such topics as Michigan’s need for statewide internet access, school safety, tourism, municipal finance, crime prevention, redistricting, chronic wasting disease and childhood vaccinations. Read MAPPR research papers here.

Grants cover research activities for one year, and are to conclude with a detailed paper made available to the public and policymakers. At least one Michigan State University faculty member must serve as the lead investigator. Collaboration among faculty and cross disciplinary research is encouraged, as is the engagement of graduate student researchers, Grossmann said.

More information about MAPPR research, proposals and budget policies can be found here.

A unit of MSU’s College of Social Science, IPPSR is home to Public Policy Forums, Michigan Political Leadership Program and Office for Survey Research. Among its educational offerings – designed for citizens, legislators, and future leaders are Michigan Political Insiders Panel, State of the State Survey, Correlates of State Policy dataset, Michigan Policy Wonk Blog and State of the State Podcast.