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Job market analysists are seeing sharp shifts in the workforce. Employers are looking for new employees. Employees are departing old positions and moving into new ones – or leaving the job market altogether. Whether its the “great reshuffle,” the “great resignation” or a watershed moment in the labor market, the measurable shift was the topic of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research’s next Public Policy Forum on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022 at Noon (EST) on Zoom.

See the video, presentations and new resources to help shape responsiveness to labor market needs and policies to address them.

Every IPPSR Public Policy Forum is free and open to the public.  Public Policy Forum speakers are:

  • Dr. Stephen Woodbury, Professor, Department of Economics, Michigan State University
  • Carrie Rosingana, Chief Executive Officer, Capital Area Michigan Works!
  • Tony Willis, Chief Equity Development Officer, Lansing Economic Area Partnership
  • Tony Lambert, Vice President, Client Engineering, Techsmith Corporation

Presentations and videos from past IPPSR Public Policy Forums – ranging from COVID-19, to K-12 educational reforms, the opioid crisis, criminal justice and water safety – are available at As a unit of the College of Social Science, IPPSR is focused on public policy, political leadership and survey research. It administers the Michigan Political Leadership Program, the Michigan Applied Public Policy Research Program, the Office for Survey Research and State of the State Survey.

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