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MPLP Celebrates Traditions in 2020 Fundraiser

September 16, 2019

Michigan State University's Michigan Political Leadership Program is returning to its roots in its 25th annual fundraising dinner this coming March, celebrating its 30th...

U.S. Census Opens IPPSR Fall Forum Topics

September 05, 2019

IPPSR began its September 2019 Public Policy Forum with the tragic remembrances of 9/11 and a call for all of Michigan to step forward and be counted in the 2020 population census.


Urgent Need to Recruit and Retain Pre-K Teachers

August 22, 2019

New Michigan State University research finds an urgent need to take a series of steps to recruit and retain the state’s pre-K teachers passionate about a profession that’s crucial to the success...

MAPPR Winners Fight Crime, Cyberbulling, Disease

July 23, 2019

Six proposals designed to fight crime, cyberbullying, voting disadvantages, the “homework” gap and disease in humans and animals are recipients of Michigan Applied Public Policy Research (MAPPR)...

IPPSR Fall Forum Dates Are on the Calendar

July 16, 2019

IPPSR’s Fall Public Policy Forum Schedule is set for 2019 with the opening event on Sept. 11 in the Mackinac Room on the fifth floor of the Anderson House Office Building in downtown Lansing....

Michigan in the Way of Proposed Tariffs

June 17, 2019

Michigan's global automotive manufacturing strength is squarely exposed to newly proposed international tariffs on goods made in Mexico and China, a new State of the State Podcast indicates.


New Technologies Needed to Combat Opioid Crisis

June 11, 2019

Michigan must harness new technologies to do battle with drug traffickers and the opioid crisis, a Michigan State University criminal justice researcher says in a new report sponsored by the...

Teacher and students

IPPSR Publishes New MAPPR Research

June 05, 2019

New research projects exploring teaching, public schools, affordable housing, the health of the Great Lakes and community fiscal health are winners of IPPSR’s 2018-19 Michigan Applied Public...

IPPSR Issues Call for Public Policy Grant Proposals

June 05, 2019


From the tiniest stick in a newborn’s heel to detect disease to the tradeoffs of new technologies putting driverless cars on the roads now, Michigan State...

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