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Scott Imberman

Associate Professor, Economics


Economics of Education, Child Development, Public Economics, Labor Economics

Current Research

  • “Capitalization of Charter Schools into Residential Property Values” (with Margaret Brehm and Michael Naretta).Education Finance and Policy, forthcoming 2016
  • "Does the Market Value Value-Added? Evidence from Housing Prices after Public Release of Teacher Value-Added" (with Michael Lovenheim). Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming 2016
  • “Recruiting and Supporting Low Income, High Achievers at Flagship Universities.” (with Rodney Andrews and Michael Lovenheim)
  • “Achievement Effects of Individual Performance Incentives in a Teacher Merit Pay Tournament (with Michael Lovenheim and Margaret Brehm)
  • "Differential Earnings and Educational Attainment by College Major: Evidence from Texas" (with Rodney Andrews, Michael Lovenheim)
  • “Popping the Bubble or Pushing It? How Increasing Accountability Standards Affects the Achievement Distribution” (with Michael Naretta)“Autism and Assortative Mating” (with N. Meltem Daysal, Todd Elder, Judith Hellerstein, and Chiara Orsini)
  • “Exploring Racial and Economic Gaps in Special Education” (with David Figlio and Todd Elder)

Selected Publications

  • "Do Administrators Respond to Their Accountability Ratings? The Response of School Budgets to Accountability Grades” (with Steven Craig and Adam Perdue). Economics of Education Review, 49, 2015.

  • "Incentive Strength and Teacher Productivity: Evidence from a Group-Based Teacher Incentive Pay System.” (with Michael Lovenheim). Review of Economics and Statistics, 97(2), 2015.

  • "The Effect of Providing Breakfast In Class on Student Performance.” (with Adriana Kugler). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 33(3), 2014.

  • "Is Gifted Education a Bright Idea? Assessing the Impacts of Gifted and Talented Programs.” (with Sa Bui and Steven Craig). American Economic Journal – Economic Policy, 6(3), 2014.

  • "Impact of Bilingual Education Programs on Limited English Proficient Students and Their Peers: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Texas" (with Aimee Chin and N. Meltem Daysal). Journal of Public Economics, 107, 2013.

  • "Does it Pay to Get an A? School Resource Allocations in Response to Accountability Rankings" (with Steven Craig and Adam Purdue). Journal of Urban Economics,73(1), 2013.

  • "Katrina's Children: Evidence on the Structure of Peer Effects from Hurricane Evacuees" (with Adriana Kugler and Bruce Sacerdote). American Economic Review, 102(5), 2012.

  • "Dressed for Success? The Effect of School Uniforms on Student Achievement and Behavior" (with Elisabetta Gentile). Journal of Urban Economics, 71(1), 2012.

Government Focus

Local, State