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Rebecca Jacobsen

Associate Professor, College of Education


politics, education, politics of education

Current Research

accountability policies, school board elections

Selected Publications

  • Anagnostopoulos, Dorothea, Stacey A. Rutledge, and Rebecca Jacobsen. 2013. The infrastructure of accountability: Data use and the transformation of american education. Cambridge: Harvard Education Press.

  • Rothstein, Richard, Rebecca Jacobsen, and Tamara Wilder. 2008. Grading education: Getting accountability right. New York;Washington, DC;: Economic Policy Institute.

  • Jacobsen, Rebecca, and Andrew Saultz. 2016;2015;. Will performance management restore citizens' faith in public education? Public Performance & Management Review39 (2): 476.

  • Jacobsen, R., Snyder, J.(s) & Saultz, A.(s) (2014). “Informing or shaping public opinion?: The influence of accountability data on public perceptions of school quality.” American Journal of Education. 121(1): 1-27.

  • Jacobsen, R. & Saultz, A.(s) (2012). “Who should control education?: Public opinion trends since 1970.” Public Opinion Quarterly. 76(2): 379-390.

Government Focus

Local, National