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Rebecca Campbell

Professor, College of Social Science


Criminal justice social policy, psychology of women and sexual assault resource analysis for medical forensic exams

Current Research

sexual assault research, violence against women

Selected Publications

  • Campbell, R., Feeney, H., Fehler-Cabral, G., Shaw, J., & Horsford, S. (in press). The national problem of untested sexual assault kits (SAKs): Why aren’t police submitting rape kits for DNA analysis? Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

  • Campbell, R., Feeney, H., Pierce, S. J., Sharma, D.B., & Fehler-Cabral, G. (in press). Tested at last: How DNA evidence in untested rape kits can identify offenders and serial sexual assaults. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

  • Campbell, R., Pierce, S. J., Sharma, D.B., Feeney, H., & Fehler-Cabral, G. (in press). Should rape kit testing be prioritized by victim-offender relationship? An empirical comparison of forensic testing outcomes for stranger and non-stranger sexual assaults. Criminology & Public Policy.

  • Campbell, R., Pierce, S. J., Sharma, D.B., Feeney, H., & Fehler-Cabral, G. (in press). Too late to test? Comparing sexual assault kit (SAK) forensic testing outcomes by statute of limitations status. Criminal Justice Policy Review.

  • Campbell, R., Townsend, S.M., Shaw, J.L., Karim, N., & Markowitz, J. (2015). Can a workbook work? Developing a practitioner evaluation toolkit to promote instrumental use in a multi-site project. Evaluation & Program Planning, 52, 107-117.

Government Focus

Local, National, State

Public Service

Member, Michigan 2012 Sexual Assault Task Force Project, Michigan 2011 Department of Health and Human Services
Expert Panel Reviewer, Office of Justice Programs, Department of Justice, 2010 Evidence Assessment of Justice Programs and Practices Project
Evaluation Consultant, International Association of Forensic Nurses
National Expert Advisory Board, Violence Against Women On-Line Resource 2005 Center (VAWNet)
National Expert Panel Member, White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, Office of the Vice President