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Lisa Cook

Associate Professor of Economics and International Relations


An expert on Detroit's outlook, the U.S. economy, international economics and the euro zone.

Current Research

Incentives for innovation among women and minorities

Selected Publications

  • “Overcoming Discrimination by Consumers during the Age of Segregation: The Example of Garrett Morgan,” Business History Review, Volume 86, Issue 2 (Summer 2012).

  • “Converging to a National Lynching Database: Recent Developments and the Way Forward,”Historical Methods, Volume 45, Issue 2 (March 2012).

  • “Inventing Social Capital: Evidence from African American Inventors, 1843-1930,” Explorations in Economic History, Volume 48, Issue 4 (December 2011), pp. 507-518.

  • “Metals or Management? Explaining Recent Economic Growth in Africa,” American Economic Review, 99(2): 268–74 (May 2009), with Laura Beny.

Government Focus

International, National

Public Service

served President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, focusing on issues related to international economics and science