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Joshua Cowen

Associate Professor, Educational Administration


school choice, accountability, and teacher quality

Current Research

A March 2015 paper by Cowen published in the Economics of Education Review indicates that teacher unions have had little effect on student outcomes.

Selected Publications

  • Cowen, Joshua M. and Katharine O. Strunk (in press) “The Impact of Teacher Unions on Educational Outcomes: What We Know and What We Need to Learn” Economics of Education Review

  • Barrett, Nathan, Joshua M. Cowen, Eugenia F. Toma and SuZanne P. Troske. (in press) “Does ContentBased Teacher Training Improve Student Outcomes Over Time? Evidence from the Appalachian Math and Science Partnership in Kentucky” Journal of Research on Rural Education

  • Carlson, Deven E. and Joshua M. Cowen (in press) “School Choice and Student Neighborhoods: Evidence from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” Educational Policy Analysis Archives

  • Carlson, Deven E. and Joshua M. Cowen. 2015. “Student Neighborhoods, Schools and Test Score Growth: Evidence From Milwaukee Wisconsin” Sociology of Education 88(1): 38-55

Government Focus


Public Service

School Accountability Advisory Committee to State Education Superintendent Brian Whiston