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Joe T. Darden

Professor, College of Social Science


urban social geography, residential segregation, immigration and socioeconomic neighborhood inequality in multi-racial societies

Current Research

class and racial conflict and community building in Detroit

Selected Publications

  • Darden, J.T. Rahbar, Mohammad, Jezierski, Louise, Li, Min and Velie, Ellen (2010): The Measurement of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Characteristics and Black and White Residential Segregation in Metropolitan Detroit: Implications for the Study of Social Disparities in Health “Annals of the Association of American Geographers 100 (1): 137 – 158.

  • Darden, J.T. & Cristaldi, F. (2011)The Impact of Immigration Policies on Transnational Filipino Women: A Comparison of Their Social and Spatial Incorporation in Rome and Toronto Journal of Urban History (5), 694-709.

  • Grady, S. & Darden, J.T. (2012) “Racial Residential Segregation, Neighborhood Socioeconomic Inequality and Racial Health Disparities in the United States” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 102 (5) 922-931.

  • Vojnovic, I., & Darden, J. T. (2013). Class/racial conflict, intolerance, and distortions in urban form: Lessons for sustainability from the Detroit region. Ecological Economics, 96, 88-98.

  • Darden, J.T. (2013) Detroit: Race Riots, Racial Conflicts and Efforts to Bridge the Racial Divide. East Lansing: Michigan State University Press.

Government Focus

Local, National, State

Public Service

Consultant to the Texas Department of Rural Affairs; Fair Housing Training of officials and employees
September 2010 to July 2011
Consultant to the University of Minnesota; Review of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA)
September 19, 2008
Consultant to the City of Roseville; Study of impediments to fair housing
2004 to 2005
Appointed Chair of the Association of American Geographers Task Force on Diversity
Consultant to the City of Grand Rapids Equal Opportunity Department