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David Closs

John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management


marketing, logistics, management, information systems

Current Research

global supply chain management, security and planning techniques

Selected Publications

  • David J. Closs, Cheri Speier, Nathan Meacham. “Sustainability to support end-to-end value chains: the role of supply chain management.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 39:1, (February, 2011), Pp. 101-116.

  • M. Douglas Voss, David J. Closs, Roger J. Calantone, O. Keith Helferich, and Cheri Speier. "The Role of Security in the Food Supplier Selection Decision." Journal of Business Logistics (2009) 30:1. Pp. 127-156.

  • Voss, M. Douglas, Judity M. Whipple, and David J. Closs. “The Role of Strategic Secuity: Internal and External Measures” Transportation Journal; Spring 2009; 48, 2

Government Focus

International, Local

Public Service

Unpaid Consultant to City of Lansing refuse collection system