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Dan Kramer

Associate Professor, James Madison College


domestic and international environmental policy, sustainable development, globalization and the environment, the social economic, and policy aspects of conservation biology

Current Research

role of social capital in the stewardship activities of lake associations

Selected Publications

  • Ligmann-Zielinska, Arika; Daniel B. Kramer; Kendra Spence Cheruvelil; and Patricia A. Soranno. 2014. Using Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses in Socioecological Agent-Based Models to Improve Their Analytical Performance and Policy Relevance. PLOS ONE 9(10): e109779.

  • Stevens, Kara; Brian Irwin; Daniel Kramer; and Gerald Urquhart. Impact of increasing market access on a tropical small-scale fishery. Marine Policy 50, Part A: 46-52.

  • Jordan, Christopher A.; Gerald R. Urquhart; and Daniel B. Kramer. 2013. On using mental model interviews to improve camera trapping: Adapting research to Costeno environmental knowledge. Conservation and Society 11(2): 159-175.

Government Focus

International, Local, State