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Christina DeJong

Associate Professor


Genocide, recidivism post-incarceration, violence against women, police/community interaction.

Selected Publications

  • Police/citizen interaction in traffic stops, media reports of rape, genocide

  • DeJong, Christina and Eric Long (2014). The Death Penalty as Genocide: The Persecution of “Homosexuals” in Uganda. In The Handbook of LGBT Communities, Crime, and Justice(Peterson, D. & Panfil, V., eds.). Springer: New York.

  • DeJong, Christina (2012) Policing Styles, Officer Gender & Decision-Making. In The Routledge International Handbook of Gender and Crime Studies (Miller, S.L., Renzetti, C. & Gover, A., eds).

  • Smith, Christopher E., Christina DeJong, and Michael A. McCall (2011). The Rehnquist Court and Criminal Justice. Lexington Books: Lanham, MD.

  • DeJong, Christina (2011). Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Careful Defender of Individual Rights. InThe Rehnquist Court and Criminal Justice (Smith, DeJong & McCall eds). Lexington Books: Lanham, MD.

Government Focus

International, Local