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Independent Streams (Week of August 1st)

Our weekly round-up of policy-relevant reads and IPPSR-connected research.



  • MSU Program Makes Detroit New Kind Of Classroom MSU’s DETxMSU Summer Course allows students to live and study in Detroit to learn about the unique problems facing the city and how they might be solved. IPPSR affiliate Josh Sapotichne leads one of the seven programs within the course.

  • TPP Emerges As Key Issue In Vital US Rust Belt States Donald Trump opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which gives him a boost in usually Democratic states that have suffered from factory jobs moving overseas. IPPSR affiliate and MSU Economist Charles Ballard believes that, despite attention during the election, many voters are still unfamiliar with the TPP.

  • Unemployment Disparities And How It Shapes Policy IPPSR affiliate Lisa Cook participates in a Michigan Radio panel on the political and economic implications of the racial disparities in unemployment.