OSR offers a collaborative, personalized relationship to assist each researcher or organization meet unique goals and needs. A project manager is assigned to work with each project throughout its development and completion.

OSR’s primary function is data collection. We have conducted hundreds of thousands of telephone interviews and collected about 100,000 each of mail questionnaires and web survey responses.

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Telephone Surveys

OSR conducts telephone surveys nationally, statewide and within individual counties or communities. For telephone surveys with individuals, OSR samples are drawn from lists or random samples of landline and cell phone numbers. OSR has the capacity to conduct telephone interviews in Spanish, Arabic, and other languages. All interviewing is closely supervised and sampled calls are monitored by supervisory personnel or recorded for quality control. OSR’s general approach to telephone surveys is standardized, structured interviewing.


OSR operates a centralized telephone interviewing facility located on the MSU campus in Berkey Hall. The interviewing facility has 48 dedicated workstations for interviewers, supervisors and managers.

Workstations, connected to OSR’s firewalled and password protected network servers, run a state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing system (CATI). Network servers are protected by firewalls and passwords from unauthorized access. Software and study files are backed up daily and data gathered during each interview are backed up after every five key strokes.

The CATI system allows output of data and interviewer notes in ways that readily provide clients with data in the file format of their choice, including SPSS, SAS, STATA, Excel, or plaintext as well as codebooks with item frequencies.

Staffing and Training:

OSR maintains a staff of roughly 100 part-time interviewers, data entry personnel and supervisors. All interviewers complete an extensive training program on proper standardized interviewing techniques. They are regularly monitored for quality control purposes, and must complete and regularly renew standard training modules on the rights and ethical treatment of human subjects in research, protection of confidentiality and gaining informed consent. They are MSU IRB certified. Internship opportunities are available.

To discuss a telephone survey project, contact Lin Stork at storkl@msu.edu or (517) 353-1763.

Mail Surveys & Data Entry

OSR can assist researchers in designing the layout and format of their questionnaires according to best practice guidelines, improving effectiveness of questionnaires, and managing the processing of mailings to large and small samples of intended respondents.

A typical mail survey involves an advance letter, mailing of the questionnaire with a cover letter and return envelope, a reminder or thank you postcard, and one or two additional mailings of the questionnaire to non-responders.

OSR’s data entry staff code and enter questionnaire responses into a software system. All entered data are error-checked by double entry – the gold standard for error checking and data cleaning.

The cleaned, verified data set can be output into SPSS, SAS, STATA, Excel, or plaintext formats. OSR can also provide a file containing all of the text responses to open-ended questions or ”Other” responses.

To discuss a mail survey project, contact Lin Stork at storkl@msu.edu or (517) 353-1763.

Web Surveys

OSR has been conducting web surveys for more than a decade. We have conducted web surveys on campus and off, nationally and internationally. We have administered web surveys in more than a dozen languages.

OSR has established procedures to ensure confidential responses solely from sampled respondents without duplication.

Questionnaire Design and Follow-up Procedures:

OSR typically makes several attempts to contact and elicit cooperation from sampled respondents, including by U.S. Mail. OSR can distribute incentives either in advance or as rewards for response to improve cooperation.


OSR utilizes highly advanced web survey software systems (Qualtrics, Vovici, and CASES web) to maximize flexibility, security, and sample management options. Our web surveys allow for a wide variety of question types and complex skip patterns, and can be completed on computers or mobile devices (such as smartphones).

Data can be output in a variety of formats, including SPSS, SAS, ASCII, Excel, and plaintext.

Web Panels:

Through Qualtrics, we are able to offer survey access to on-line panels of respondents that match a wide variety of target group profiles, for example, from voters to the general population to people who own dogs to individuals who work in the hospitality industry.

To discuss a web survey project, contact Lin Stork at storkl@msu.edu or (517) 353-1763.

Mixed Mode

OSR provides the option to make combinations of mail, web, and phone data collection modes available to respondents in order to maximize response opportunities.

To discuss a mixed-mode data collection project, contact Lin Stork at storkl@msu.edu or (517) 353-1763.